2015 The Return of The Dapper!

When the 2015 Grammy’s was spectacular! I couldn’t wait to see what fashions these icons were going to bring. Some icons I was actually shocked because they transformed and left their shenanigans at home except for Kanye but we all knows he’s unpredictable; which is why we love him so much. But him and his lady sure step their game up and broke the Internet fully clothed.Lady Gaga was a complete shocker! She kept it simple but elegant. BeyoncĂ© of course kept it regal especially her ring! But last but not least my fellow island girl Rihanna broke barriers and let the world know that they would never know until the time because she is different and that she is an timeless icon.
Elegance was the theme and so was the fashion for some reason this year a lot of the red carpet fashions was phenomenal, different but “dapper” as my Yaya would call it. Yea I did just say “dapper”!
In my Nana days fashion was nice and neat, they made sure that everything would fit them perfectly, because what you wear do represent your first impression and sometimes that’s all you have is that one chance!
With that one chance, for that one night where the whole world tune in to see their favorite musicians and icons they had to make a statement. They had to be dapper for the night. These five icons defined Dapper!

This year Grammys to me was very refreshing because you don’t need to show too much to make a statement or to get noticed all you need is to be dapper!






Do you think that they did a good job representing what dapper means?