Rose Petal Face Mask

Today was the day that I was fed up with the state of my skin! My the past two months since the weather been transitioning from hot to cold my skin have become very dry. Even when I tried moisturizing my skin 3 times a day within a couple of hours my skin would still be dry. I noticed that especially in my t-zone.
At first I thought it was because I wasn’t drinking enough water but I increased my water intake. Then I thought maybe the water that I take a shower with was too hot. That also proven not to be the problem. I was going to just give up because it really seems like nothing was working, so I decided to google some ways to rid of the dryness on my face.
When I googled a solution, rose petal mask! It was definitely ironic that a friend of mine who currently works at Sephora and when it comes down to skin care he’s all about it.
Well I simply followed the instructions, which I had to keep the mask in my face for twenty minutes and upon removing massage the remainder of the product into my skin and do not rinse.
When I was finished I couldn’t believe how soft my skin was and refreshed! My skin literally felt like a baby’s butt. I seriously recommend this facial bask for those who skin is taking a beating for old man winter!








Beauty is in the eye of the mind!!

Well we have all ladies! Been captivated by these body cinchers that promise us to transform our waste and initiate us into the “no waist gang”. All women want that infamous coke bottle/hour glass shape. I am definitely guilty for that. Would wouldn’t want to be symmetrically portioned. Everyone!
I literally stuff myself into this corset type contraption for 8-10 hours to curve my appetite and to mold my waist while dieting and do extreme core excerise.
I not only was uncomfortable, but it look great. I was in the mirror like wow who knew I would have fall in love with being tied and restrained.
Now I was motivated, 2 hours in the gym for 5 days per week! I did that while wearing the cincher. One day on the bike I wondered how did I get here to this point and what motivated me and then it dawned on me Keyshia Kaior’s body is to die for but why??
If you paid attention to the art of beauty you would know this. For some reason the human mind registers portioned objects perfect. This is why we contour our face in makeup and fashion.
So the next time you see a cincher remember what we talked about and do understand why these fashioned forward gimmicks grasps our attention
“It’s just the art of beauty and the eye of the mind”.