Stuck In A Tank Full Of Sharks! A Beauticians Struggle!

imageDay after day I would sit and think for hours how I can better my craft, I always think about  how I need to network more but then, I would back track. My mind would full up with images and situations from the past where I would just say forget it. Many times I would think about just quitting this industry but it’s in my blood.

I could never understood why salon lifestyle is so catty! I know that competition is healthy but at the same how can I do my job to make someone feel better when half of the time I’m concerned with the emotional and stress causing aspect of this industry. There have been so many times that I would go home crying not because I didn’t have a productive day but because not feeling comfortable in my working evironment! Who would want to work anywhere that they don’t feel at home!

Instead of isolating my situation I started to research and even watch some reality shows that reflect exactly what I am going through. My findings were exactly what I thought,I knew that I am not the only one that goes through the depressing and catty nature of the salon! It’s so bad that many stylist decides to either keep bouncing from shop to shop or they simply just freelance! Now I’ve done both , but trust me by the time I graduated from beauty school and finished my apprenticeship I was both exhausted but motivated more than ever!

Instead of allowing the negativity to defer my art like I have been doing I’ve just will let go and let God! He knows my dreams of changing this whole industry! One day at a time I will get out of this tank full of sharks and swim free in the ocean! In other words do what I came to do make ppl beautiful


Back again!

Today I decided to turn my frustration into motivation and I’m back! It’s been a while since my last post, half of it was due to some personal issues and the other half was due to my writers block. When in writing a blog usually I would draw inspiration from my regular day life, but I couldn’t! I caught myself drowning in a sea of words that Couldn’t form sentences. Many dats and nights I would try to a least right a paragraph but I couldn’t even get one sentence out. I am so happy to say that it’s finally over and I’m ready so buckle up because Shearimani has resurrected!


Hello 2015, May The New Journey Begin!

2015 is here whether we were ready for it or not 2015 is here! With everyone making plans to make this year a better than the previous. As for me I am trying to really be comfortable in my own skin and work on being more healthy. With that being said I did some research and at least 50% of those who sought out their New Years resolutions actually stick to at least one.
Some people kind of get too excited with the thought of having a chance at a fresh start that they just don’t realize all the hard work that actually goes in to achieve your goals. I think that instead of jumping into the New Years head first, you should really sit down do some research and map out a plan realistically. Baby steps! Take one day at a time and before you know it, another goal accomplished.
Now I didn’t say take forever to get where your going but I do advise to be prepared, pack well and enjoy your journey because success is a journey and not a destination and when you reach where you wanna go that’s when it’s gets tougher and time to keep what you work so hard for!
Good luck in 2015 and have fun but always remember before you can even plan where your going you have to know where your coming from.




Winter white!

When you think of winter, many think of snow. The houses, trees and streets covered in a large white blanket, nothing seems more peaceful and refreshing than a white Christmas!
White is such a pure and flawless color!
I remember when I was a teen and after Labor Day the fashion rule was that white was not allowed. From those times I never like that rule! I have always been one to wear and do what I want when I want! So what better to start the new year by doing what I want.
The perfect winter white outfit can be achieved by taking in consideration the weatherly elements and marrying them with bold but cozy white fashion pieces. For example I took white skinny leather pants paired it with a white leather peplum top and gold accessories, shoes and belt. To finished my outfit I wore my all white faux fur vest with my white leather jacket underneath. When looked in the mirror I was mesmerized at how well the outfit looked and how I was going to pull it off, I did and the ice skating ring as my backdrop made all the pictures I took that night breathtaking
With white many people gets nervous because how sensitive the color is. For some reason I find wearing white much easier in the winter depending on how messy outside is. I wouldn’t suggest wearing white if the weather is nasty.
One thing I can say for certain is that whether it’s summer, spring, fall or winter wear white if you want to! Because one thing I must say every fashionista enjoys being an ice princess/ queen once in a while!





Heels, Heels Ouch!

Every woman loves a nice pair of sexy heels! For one reason or another, but
Most importantly they make you take on a brand new persona! Every female also know that wearing heels is not a easy task, it’s something that you must practice, practice and practice! Practice do make perfect!
My first pair if heels my mom brought me when I was 14. I was a bridesmaid for the first time. Thank god that my mom brought my shoes weeks ahead of the wedding so I can get use to them. I didn’t understand why until I tried them on. When I first stood up and tried to walk, I took two steps and then lost my balance. It was so not a good look! All I could think about how am I going to wear these heels with my long gown and manage not to fall! I had extreme hard task in front of me I thought! For weeks I would practice at least for 4 hours at time!
With all that practice on that day I swear, I had it down packed! I was finally wearing heels comfortably. One thing we must know as women, we must know our bodies because our bodies don’t lie! Especially shoes! Heels hurt regardless but find heels that support your arch as well practicing or as we call it “breaking” them in.
So ladies listen to your feet and once they are not barking you have found the right shoe!




Faux Fuuur

From since I was a little girl 101 Dalmatians has been
One of my favorite movies! And that is plainly because of the hidden message. People were killing innocent animals causing some species to even be extinct. At the rapid rate the fur industry grew, killing these animals because of their beautiful furs and distinct features the supply could and would never be met without wiping out these species. You can be fashionable and humane at the same time. The thought of killing an animal just to wear it is grim some! Thanks that with PETA joining forces with many major celebrities faux fur has given those a second option.
With celebrities making it their duty to spread the word, many people have made the transition to the healthier and more Eco friendly option.

We must not take advantage of our world today because, what would we leave for tomorrow

Faux fur has came a long way, it looks and feel just like the real thing! But at least a innocent animal didn’t have to loose their life just for the sake of fashion.
Just because it is faux fur doesn’t mean that it is cheap or cheaply made designers like Donna Karen up to
Balmain also offers these options! Check out the pictures below to see
How the trend has capture the runways! IMG_7509.PNGIMG_7506.PNG