Stuck In A Tank Full Of Sharks! A Beauticians Struggle!

imageDay after day I would sit and think for hours how I can better my craft, I always think about  how I need to network more but then, I would back track. My mind would full up with images and situations from the past where I would just say forget it. Many times I would think about just quitting this industry but it’s in my blood.

I could never understood why salon lifestyle is so catty! I know that competition is healthy but at the same how can I do my job to make someone feel better when half of the time I’m concerned with the emotional and stress causing aspect of this industry. There have been so many times that I would go home crying not because I didn’t have a productive day but because not feeling comfortable in my working evironment! Who would want to work anywhere that they don’t feel at home!

Instead of isolating my situation I started to research and even watch some reality shows that reflect exactly what I am going through. My findings were exactly what I thought,I knew that I am not the only one that goes through the depressing and catty nature of the salon! It’s so bad that many stylist decides to either keep bouncing from shop to shop or they simply just freelance! Now I’ve done both , but trust me by the time I graduated from beauty school and finished my apprenticeship I was both exhausted but motivated more than ever!

Instead of allowing the negativity to defer my art like I have been doing I’ve just will let go and let God! He knows my dreams of changing this whole industry! One day at a time I will get out of this tank full of sharks and swim free in the ocean! In other words do what I came to do make ppl beautiful