7 Beauty resolutions you will want to keep

I love all these beauty resolutions, and I am definitely going to try them out this year


Hello 2015, May The New Journey Begin!

2015 is here whether we were ready for it or not 2015 is here! With everyone making plans to make this year a better than the previous. As for me I am trying to really be comfortable in my own skin and work on being more healthy. With that being said I did some research and at least 50% of those who sought out their New Years resolutions actually stick to at least one.
Some people kind of get too excited with the thought of having a chance at a fresh start that they just don’t realize all the hard work that actually goes in to achieve your goals. I think that instead of jumping into the New Years head first, you should really sit down do some research and map out a plan realistically. Baby steps! Take one day at a time and before you know it, another goal accomplished.
Now I didn’t say take forever to get where your going but I do advise to be prepared, pack well and enjoy your journey because success is a journey and not a destination and when you reach where you wanna go that’s when it’s gets tougher and time to keep what you work so hard for!
Good luck in 2015 and have fun but always remember before you can even plan where your going you have to know where your coming from.




Winter white!

When you think of winter, many think of snow. The houses, trees and streets covered in a large white blanket, nothing seems more peaceful and refreshing than a white Christmas!
White is such a pure and flawless color!
I remember when I was a teen and after Labor Day the fashion rule was that white was not allowed. From those times I never like that rule! I have always been one to wear and do what I want when I want! So what better to start the new year by doing what I want.
The perfect winter white outfit can be achieved by taking in consideration the weatherly elements and marrying them with bold but cozy white fashion pieces. For example I took white skinny leather pants paired it with a white leather peplum top and gold accessories, shoes and belt. To finished my outfit I wore my all white faux fur vest with my white leather jacket underneath. When looked in the mirror I was mesmerized at how well the outfit looked and how I was going to pull it off, I did and the ice skating ring as my backdrop made all the pictures I took that night breathtaking
With white many people gets nervous because how sensitive the color is. For some reason I find wearing white much easier in the winter depending on how messy outside is. I wouldn’t suggest wearing white if the weather is nasty.
One thing I can say for certain is that whether it’s summer, spring, fall or winter wear white if you want to! Because one thing I must say every fashionista enjoys being an ice princess/ queen once in a while!