Heels, Heels Ouch!

Every woman loves a nice pair of sexy heels! For one reason or another, but
Most importantly they make you take on a brand new persona! Every female also know that wearing heels is not a easy task, it’s something that you must practice, practice and practice! Practice do make perfect!
My first pair if heels my mom brought me when I was 14. I was a bridesmaid for the first time. Thank god that my mom brought my shoes weeks ahead of the wedding so I can get use to them. I didn’t understand why until I tried them on. When I first stood up and tried to walk, I took two steps and then lost my balance. It was so not a good look! All I could think about how am I going to wear these heels with my long gown and manage not to fall! I had extreme hard task in front of me I thought! For weeks I would practice at least for 4 hours at time!
With all that practice on that day I swear, I had it down packed! I was finally wearing heels comfortably. One thing we must know as women, we must know our bodies because our bodies don’t lie! Especially shoes! Heels hurt regardless but find heels that support your arch as well practicing or as we call it “breaking” them in.
So ladies listen to your feet and once they are not barking you have found the right shoe!





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