Faux Fuuur

From since I was a little girl 101 Dalmatians has been
One of my favorite movies! And that is plainly because of the hidden message. People were killing innocent animals causing some species to even be extinct. At the rapid rate the fur industry grew, killing these animals because of their beautiful furs and distinct features the supply could and would never be met without wiping out these species. You can be fashionable and humane at the same time. The thought of killing an animal just to wear it is grim some! Thanks that with PETA joining forces with many major celebrities faux fur has given those a second option.
With celebrities making it their duty to spread the word, many people have made the transition to the healthier and more Eco friendly option.

We must not take advantage of our world today because, what would we leave for tomorrow

Faux fur has came a long way, it looks and feel just like the real thing! But at least a innocent animal didn’t have to loose their life just for the sake of fashion.
Just because it is faux fur doesn’t mean that it is cheap or cheaply made designers like Donna Karen up to
Balmain also offers these options! Check out the pictures below to see
How the trend has capture the runways! IMG_7509.PNGIMG_7506.PNG







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