Hat Swag!!

With winter approaching, everyone knows it would soon be hat season! But one thing I must say just because your wearing a hat doesn’t mean you should not comb your hair! Your hair should accessorize your hat or vis versa. When I am picking out hats I think about what hair styles go with what hat and would they both compliment each other! I am going to list a few examples of what I mean. when I am sporting a bold and banging hair color I try to find a calm but subtle hat one that’s not to fussy! The reason being I don’t want my hat to take away from my color! When I am sporting a short pixie cut or rocking bangs I try to wear a hat that would also so off how my haircut frames and mold my face!
When I am having a bad hair day, that’s when I go for the fancy hats with bright bold patterns, rhinestones,bows, etc! I would tuck my hair in and just use a few strands to frame my face! this fashion fall and winter hats are going to be a big part of your outfit so make sure that your hair matches as well and always remember that fashion is from head to toe! here’s is a few examples of how to wear everyday hats!




IMG_7045.PNGThese are the hat trends for fall/winter 2015






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