Turning summer mermaid hair to fall

This year many fashionistas played around with bold or faint hair colors from Kelly Osbourne to Katy Perry can be seen with this new hair trend called “mermaid hair”! I think every little girl wanted to be Ariel Disney’s Little Mermaid at some point in their their lives! Now, everyone wants to have mermaid hair! Mermaid hair can be created by added a variation of one or multiple color to create a tye dye ombre effect!

Well we all know that with the changes of the season from summer to fall the tones and colors.One can achieve this look by embracing the colors of fall, usually the color palette for fall is very rich and full of icy or brass like hues . I will give a few examples of what I mean. Sometimes you can even achieve this look by doing a whole complete change!
Every fashionista should know you change your hair like you change your clothes!
IMG_7009-0.JPGIMG_7011-0.PNGyou can darken the pastel purple to increase the intensity in your hair color pigmentation, try this with other colors as well!


IMG_7006.JPG now this technique is done the opposite way! The hair color is faint and gives off a icy ash hues that causes the hair color to give off a cold hue


IMG_7003.JPGall in all just make sure that your mermaid hair is best suitable for your season warobe change. Because we all know hair can make or break an outfit!!




2 thoughts on “Turning summer mermaid hair to fall

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