The Jenner Girls – Triple Threat!

We all know that in order to be considered a triple threat you must have the complete package! Brains, beauty and most importantly swag in the fashion world at least, in which Kris Jenner comes immediately in mind but the article isn’t about her not the Kardashian Empire she built with her older daughters Kloe, Kim
and Kourtney but the new force to be reckoned with the Jenners . Kylie and Kendall are the younger sisters of the Kardashian Clan. We have all seen them grow right in front of our eyes on the hit show Keeping Up With The Kardashians on E! . These girls went from tomboy chicto hard core live your life bombshells. They can be seen on the new Balmain campaign to their own calibration with Pac Sun. These girls are considered triple threats because not only are they brainy, and born fashionistas but they beat to their own beat. They run their own companies along side their mom and I must say the brand has caught the eye of millions of young girls all over the world. As much as the media loves to compare them to their older sisters, they shine through their contrast. These girls don’t never think twice when it’s time to dare to be different I want to guys to pay attention and watch these golden flowers become a golden empire… and you say out loud

Kris Jenner did it again

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